Saturday, July 18, 2015


The more you desire the more you suffer. It is better to drop all desires for material possessions and sensual pleasures and seek nivana. Desire nothing and simply live in awareness. Be conscious of thoughts emotions and actions. Avoid bodily desires and avoid sadness and fear. By obseving thoughts and stilling the mind learn to see things as they really are.

The more you scheme and scam and plan the more you suffer. Is it not better to meditate and seek peace of mind. Sure, have your interests to alleviate boredom but don’t get sucked into them and let them consume your life.

Your hobbies and interests are not your life. What is happening to you now is your life, what happens to you minute by minute.

When you simply observe and not get carried away in your thoughts, time slows down and you learn to enjoy the moment. When you are content there is no need to do anything. Being content is where you have enough of everything, you desire nothing.

Learn to control money, don’t let money control and motivate you. It is much easier to save money than it is to earn it. People are enslaved by money by their own stupidity and greed. They will do anything for it. They are hypnotized by it.

It allows them to buy glittery shiney objects which go kaput or end up being worthless as time goes by. they trade their time for glittery shiney objects or land and houses.

The supposedly intelligent ones in our society earn more and waste their lives accumulating more and more houses and land. What they end up with is more money worries and more material objects to maintain and protect from theft or destruction.

You have enough of everything, you are content. Only help those who earn merit or are in genuine need. Live in peace and let things be. The greedy and the wicked will always be out there. You have found a way out. Your knowledge will protect you. Be careful of who you spend your time with. Do not spend time with fools.

You are the only one who saved you. They are the only ones who can save themselves. You cannot teach them wisdom or give them experience.

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