Saturday, July 18, 2015


Mandala meditation can help you achieve alpha consciousness. Alpha consciousness is any state of consciousness achieved by an individual when emitting alpha brain waves that can be measured by an EEG machine.

One is said to be utilising the right hemisphere of the brain which is associated with creative, imaginative and intuitive capabilities. When using the left hemisphere of the brain it emits beta brain waves..

Most people are in beta consciousness which is characterized by logical, analytical and judgemental thought.

 What Are Mandalas And How To Use Them

Mandalas are common in many cultures thoughout history, such as Aztec, Inca, Chinese, Christian, Islam and Hindu. Mandala means circular.

To use a mandala focus on the centre for three to five minutes. This will trick your logical left brain or beta consciousness by giving it a conceptual and spatial task to perform. Eventually, it will give up and allow you creative and intuitive right brain or alpha consciousness to dominate.

While focusing on the centre you may notice that the outside of the pattern changes shape or colour. This is normal, but you should always return your focus to the centre and see it clearly.

When you look away from the mandala, you may notice an after image in the shape of the pattern you were meditating on. It will disappear after a few seconds.

When you make the shift from beta consciousness to alpha consciousness colours will be more intense than usual and light and shadow will be more distinct. This is because you thoughts have ceased and you are able to percieve reality more clearly. You will “see” the way an artist sees.

You will find it very relaxing and calming and your mind can have a rest from the constant chatter of beta consciousness.

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